Castfire is a video and audio publishing platform that helps companies manage and monetize large libraries of media content. The Castfire platform is a one stop white-labeled solution that allows publishers to reach their audience across multiple platforms and devices and increase their audience size by automating complex syndication relationships.

Castfire was acquired by Emerge Ditigal in July 2012


Matt Kinser Operations Manager / VP of Engineering

Matt runs day-to-day operations and development of Castfire's platform. Matt is passionate about technology and programming, Castfire's large scale systems which serve millions of users attracted Matt to the company.

Bryn Mosher Sr Engineer

Bryns is a talented full stack developer. Utilizing years of experience ranging from DevOps to databases, Bryn is an integral part of the team that keeps Castfire always running and reliable.

Ivan Kirnev Developer

Ivan brings JavaScript expertise to Castfire. As a frontend developer, Ivan handles many of the user interfaces that our users interact with. In addition, Ivan also specializes in updating our video players that appear on client sites.