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Get in the living room with Castfire and Roku
Upload Videos
It's easy to upload your videos to Castfire. Upload in nearly any format, and we'll convert it for use on Roku.
Customize Channel
Give your channel its own unique look using our custom channel creator's wide variety of options.
Once your channel is ready, we'll submit it to Roku and get it on the channel store so people can find it.
Complete Roku Channel Service
Unlimited Video Hosting Roku Channel Creator
High Definition Video Simple Content Management
Video Statistics Automatic Transcoding
No Setup Fees, No Commitment!
$299 Per Month*
* Additional charges for monthly bandwidth over 1TB: 10¢ per GB
* $99 initial setup fee waived for a limited time
The prefered way to get your own Roku Channel
One click to living rooms everywhere
There are over 2.5 million Roku boxes in homes across the world. Getting your content onto Roku will expand your viewer base and make your videos more convenient to watch in the living room. Castfire gives you the best solution for getting your content on the Roku without the need for costly development and project planning.
One of a kind channel creator
You get access to Castfire's unique Roku Channel creation tool, the only way to create a Roku channel without a programmer. Just login and click to control every aspect of your channel, making changes to your live channel in real time. Choose from a wide variety of styles to create a unique look for your channel. Use these links to add our demo channels to your roku, they were created with Castfire:   Poster Style Demo Channel - Grid Style Demo Channel
Powerful video hosting and encoding
You don't need to worry about handling the increased traffic to your videos due to being on the Roku channel store. Castfire has invested significant resources into building an infrastructure which provides blazing speed and rock solid reliabilty for your videos. We also handle the often complex process of transcoding your videos so they work properly on the Roku. Just upload your videos to us in almost any format, and we will make sure it works on the Roku.
More than just Roku
Castfire isn't just for Roku. With your Castfire subscription you can embed your videos in any webpage, as well as on iPhones, iPads and Android devices; add your content to the iTunes store automatically with Castfire RSS feeds; add intros, bumpers and pre-rolls to your videos like the pros; and much more. If you have any questions you can always get a quick response by emailing
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